Cheap lodging for holiday in bandung valley

The villas in West Bandung, West Java, are comfortable and good for a variety of occasions, for example, group events also provide villas with private pool facilities for families and friends who want to vacation to bandung would be more comfortable when rent villa because one villa is enough to 5-8 people when choosing a villa of minimalist type and also widely available also villa 15 - 30 people with a frugal rental price.

Cheap lodging for holiday in bandang valley

The area of ​​Lembang is famous for its tour (nature, outbound, recreation) and another advantage of this flower city is a convenient place for various events due to the cool air of beautiful scenery as well as the more comfortable atmosphere especially in Villa Istana Bunga a complex atmosphere away from the crowds and noise The vehicle is suitable for those of you who want to find a place to refreshing tired release.

 Nice villa bandung bandung

Villa in the flower palace of various types there is a frugal, cheap to vip and all have a complete home facilities so it will be comfortable and good when in use to stay when the holidays and make certain events from individual, family, school, association until the event company , Various types of these can you choose according to the desire following selections.

List of Villa Choices Lembang Area Villa Flower Villa Complex

1 to 11 rooms

The first one will be suguhkan full choice 1 To 11 rooms that can be selected in accordance with the wishes of the type that will be used as a place to stay or make an event in the palace complex flowers please see select it here: Villa Istana Bunga 1 To 11 Rooms
Family Villa

Cozy villa bandung bandung

Next is the choice of Villa Family Lembang area is fitting for a variety of holiday events and activities with family, a variety of cheap and comfortable villa options to accompany your special moments with your family please see the options Here: Villa Istana Bunga

Villa With Swimming Pool

Villa bandang bandung

Special Villa suguhkan With swimming pool in the palace of flowers that will add joy and add excitement in your holiday in Lembang, this type of capacity is suitable for one family to dozens of people please see the various options here: Villa With Private Pool at the palace Flower bed.
Villa Minimalis

Villa Lembang area

There are various choices of minimalist villas in our flower palace review the list of selected villas ranging from type 1 to 3 rooms are packed in a minimalist concept, complex of flower villa villas Lembang area that offers the most complete choice will be comfortable to enjoy your weekend this type we highly recommend for you Who want to choose a villa that is not too big please.
Villa For The Great Event

Nice villa and great valley

The area of ​​Lembang is perfect for travel, refreshing, gathering, corporate events etc. therefore we offer you a list of comfortable large villas with relatively cheap special rates for big events tens to hundreds of people we list: Villa Untuk Rombongan Dan family gathering

The number of villas that many make you can choose a villa that is cheap and suitable for your event, making the villa in west bandang western area, west java presents cheap rents comfortable atmosphere and very nice to menemi holidays and events with the location of a comfortable villa and villa conditions Which is always manicured to make the floral palace villa a favorite place during the weekend and long weekend.

If you are confused to find the right villa you can ask directly about villa, facility, villa and villa type which have good view, We will always ready to give recommendation of villa at flower palace for the event which you will do please contact our person

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 The villas in Bandung area are convenient and nice
Various types of villa flower palace From 1 room-11 rooms in a grouping ranging from minimalist type, standart, large villa and villa with private pool is located in a comfortable complex in the mountainous area of ​​Lembang is a floral palace villa with security awake 24 hours Fresh air typical of the mountains and a variety of comfortable options.

You can contact our contact person if you want to inquire about the price of the newest villa rental villa villa and favorite villas with cheap rental rates because this flower palace has a lot of offerings for personal family to the company, the flower palace also includes the villa area nearby With a lot of cheap tourist sites such as cimahi rainbow rainforest tour, outbound tour, bamboo hamlet, close to wonderland village, village of begonia flower garden and many more.

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